Photo: Happy boy in Times Square by Marcia Fernandes

Don’t you love it when a photo perfectly captures the feeling of a particular moment? For our recent Photo Quest with Brand USA, we asked you to submit photos that showcased the USA’s entertainment and culture. You submitted incredible photos that gave a glimpse into the different entertainment experiences the USA has to offer.

We’re excited to announce the winner of this Quest, selected by Brand USA. Congratulations to Marcia Fernandes for her bright and colorful image “Happy boy in Times Square“:

Happy boy in Times Square by Marcia Fernandes on

The lucky winner received a prize of $1000 USD, thanks to Brand USA.

We love how the photographer captured so much joy in this shot. The subject could have been overpowered by the bright lights and billboards from Times Square, but the low angle, colorful outfit and big smile made this shot a clear winner.

Marcia Fernandes gave us the story behind this image: “This was the first time we took the kids to NYC. They were just amazed by all the lights and signs and especially the fact that it was the background for so many movies they’ve seen. The look on his face just needed to be registered forever!”

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