Photo: Chinese New Year by Stefano Borghi Cartier

It’s the Year of the Rooster! To celebrate Chinese New Year, we asked you to submit photos that showed all the different ways you celebrated the holiday. We were blown away by your colorful, festive photos, taken all over the world—Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver, Rome, Singapore, and more!

The winner of this Quest was Stefano Borghi Cartier with his image “Chinese New Year.” This photographer did an amazing job in capturing this dynamic shot on the streets of Paris. He used a low angle and took advantage of smoke and back sunlight to add some extra drama.

Chinese New Year by Stefano Borghi Cartier on

Meet the photographer, Stefano Borghi Cartier: I was born in Rome in 1975. I learned to travel and take pictures since I was a child thanks to my parents. They took me almost all over the world with a camera always in my hands. When I was 20, I started a post-production company in Rome, and in those years I had the opportunity to work with many photographers and international agencies. In the last years I moved to Paris and I decided to make a living through photography. In photography I love the richness that each detail can have.

He gave us the story behind the photo:
This picture is about cultures and integration. We could think it was taken in Asia, but we were in the city center of Paris. I hope that this photo could be a great example of how wonderful it is discovering each other’s cultures and having respect for them.

Take a look at the runners up and get inspired by these energetic, celebratory images!

Chinese lanterns by Ekaterina Traktina on

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Along with winning an awesome prize Quest winners are featured in ISO which means extra exposure for your photography and bragging rights. Check out the other Photo Quests we have coming up here!