Here’s a look at the 10 photos we loved most this week in Editors’ Choice, curated by our Guest Editors, Skanda Gautam and Nika Kramer, and 500px photo editors. Read on to find out why these stunning shots made our 500px photo editors do a double-take.

La Tomatina by Simák Gerg? on

What our photo editors loved: “I don’t think there is a better way to describe La Tomatina than the way this photo does. Simák got down on the ground and shot this tomato madness right in the middle of it!”

This is what makes us girls. by Mark Del Mar on

What our photo editors loved: “The feel of this photo; the way the breeze is moving the model’s hair; the way they are posing and the use of props makes it dreamlike.”

Water stories #79 by Roberto Farina on

What our photo editors loved: “We always love a photo that demands your eyes navigate the entire frame. There are so many interesting moments captured in this single photo—we could spend all day admiring it.”

Streets of Hanoi by Alexander Riek on

What our photo editors loved: “Interesting angles are always a good way to make your photos stand out. Alexander captured the energy and colourful vibes of Hanoi in this overhead shot.”

Qinling golden snub-nosed monkey by Marsel van Oosten on

What our photo editors loved: “There are so many interesting elements in this photo. These Qinling golden snub-nosed monkeys are posing like they know what they are doing. The green forest in the background is the perfect colour contrast against the monkey’s golden tones. This photo won at the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards for many reasons! Congrats to Marsel, well deserved.”

Red Shadow by Stanislav Istratov on

What our photo editors loved: “We picked this one during Halloween—we love how subtle it is. The right lighting, props and styling made this one stand out!”

Deer stag! by Inguna Plume on

What our photo editors loved: “This photo seems like a movie still. It has a very surreal feel to it, thanks to its colour tones, depth of field, and the deer’s silhouette.”

WATER | MAN by Juri Bogenheimer on

What our photo editors loved: “Reflections are always a very interesting element to incorporate into your photos. Juri did an amazing job capturing this black and white portrait. The tones, reflection, and low angle makes this one a winner.”

The Decisive Moment by Hadi Saboungi on

What our photo editors loved: “Groups shots can be extremely difficult to shoot, especially on the street. Hadi was quick enough to capture this great moment. We don’t see much of the location, but enough to know that this is Niagara Falls. The outfits, colours and poses are telling a story, which is a key element for a successful image.”

Cristal blue water by Lyes Kachaou on

What our photo editors loved:Lyes’ shot has an abstract feel to it. The intense blue tones of the lake leading into the thick green forest is a great example of how to use contrast as a strong element in photography.”