Fashion & editorial photographer Jake Hicks is back with a new 500px Class, aimed at saving working photographers time and effort in their post-processing editing process. In his last tutorial, Jake shared his Lightroom workflow strategy. This time around, he’s focused on bulk-editing in Photoshop.

In this excerpt from the Class lesson, Jake demonstrates how to clean up a white background using Photoshop’s dodge tool.

As Jake explains, when you’re viewing a photo on a computer monitor, the background may appear to be white—but when the image is printed, it can appear as several shades of grey. With just a few brush strokes of the dodge tool, he is able to lighten the background to 100% pure white.

Jake’s 500px Class “Quick & Dirty Photoshop Client Proofing Techniques” is full of time-saving Photoshop techniques which include: skin smoothing, contouring, sharpening, and how to turn Jake’s tips into Photoshop actions to automate your editing. 500px Classes is hosting a live Photoshop demonstration with Jake Hicks on Friday, October 10th, 3pm EST. Watch live and bring your Photoshop retouching questions!