It’s no mystery we love photographs of small people in vast landscapes. It takes a landscape photograph to another level by forcing the photographer to consider their composition more carefully, pick different spots, and get creative.

Photographers like Max Rive have made a career out of their uncanny ability to capture photographs just like this, but we recently stumbled across another name to add to the list of amazing “small person big landscape” photographers: Nicholas Roemmelt.

A talented landscape and wildlife photographer, Nicholas is certainly not limited to taking epic self-portraits, but they certainly help set him far apart from the crowd.

Based out of Austria, he boasts that nature begins right in his backyard. “I can put on my backpack and hike a mountain right from where I live,” he writes on his website. And, sometimes, when he’s out there with his backpack, he inserts himself into his mesmerizing milky way nightscapes.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite images from his archives:

To see more from Nicholas, follow him on 500px, visit his website, or give him a like on Facebook. You can also follow along with his adventures on his blog.