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Magic and wonder are applied liberally to 500pxer Marina Gondra’s photographs. In one image, a gentle breath carries a plane into the skies; in another, fire is something one can literally hold in the palm of one’s hand.

Based out of Bilbao, Spain, Gondra writes that her goal is to create stories through her images, and inspire the imagination of her fans. Echoing Picasso’s famous words on growing up, she writes in her bio:

Through my images you could dare to daydream, dive into the best of your dreams or your worst nightmares, and laugh again as a child.

Some say that my photographs are childish, and I say to them there’s nothing purer and more creative creative than the mind of a child. I wish we’d never grow up.

The images on her 500px account are a joy to sift through, a regression to childhood in the most enchanting way possible. Browsing her profile isn’t so much a task as an experience.

“I sift through my earliest memories, in the deepest dreams I look for inspiration, and here I show you the result,” she writes in the bio on her website. “I hope you live a great adventure through my images!”

Here is a selection of our favorite images from her 500px, but if you aren’t already following her, you’re making a mistake:

To see more from Marina, follow her on 500px, pay her website a visit, or give her a Like on Facebook.