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I can’t believe we’re halfway through February already! I have a few photography projects planned this year, and so far I’ve barely scratched the surface on them. The diverse collection of beautiful photographs from around the world on 500px has been just the thing I needed to spur me into action, going into the weekend.

If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!


By Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Chained IX by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.com


By Takashi Yasui

Winter road by Takashi Yasui on 500px.com

Bergen, Norway

By Eirik Sørstrømmen

Old Wharf Reflections by Eirik Sørstrømmen on 500px.com

Lake Bonney, South Australia

By Ben Goode

At Peace by Ben Goode on 500px.com

Mont St Michel, France

By Alexander Riek

Floating Stronghold by Alexander Riek on 500px.com

Bagan, Myanmar

By Boris Ulzibat

Bagan sunrise by Boris Ulzibat on 500px.com

Piedmont, Italy

By Primiano D’Apote

Autumn by Primiano D

Hanging Rock, Australia

By Gary Hayes

Ghosts - Hanging Rock, Australia by Gary Hayes on 500px.com

Texas, USA

By Jeff Clow

Through the Reeds by Jeff Clow on 500px.com


By Carlos M Almagro

Work in progress by Carlos M. Almagro  on 500px.com