The longer I work as a photo editor, the more drawn I am to simple compositions, clean lines, and the minimalist aesthetic.

Some photographers do an amazing job of capturing busy, explosive scenes artfully so they don’t overwhelm the viewer. That is an incredible skill in and of itself. But it takes an equally good eye to capture a simple scene—sometimes a scene made up of almost nothing at all—while still engaging those same viewers.

The images 500px Content Editor Natta Summerky selected for her Gallery “Zen” are wonderful examples of this type of minimal photography. One or two elements, carefully arranged, beautifully captured, truly zen-like. Let them help you find YOUR zen today:

Two Sisters by Nadeem Wajahat on

Soulmate by Inna Didenko on

Dao by Cwithe  on

Hokkaido #1 by kyun Yu on

Old, Crooked Canoe by Michael Higgins on

Blurry water by Antea Mr?ela on

The night sky by ????? ????????? on

Traces by Ruslan Mukhambetov on

Zen by Alex-Judd-Photography on

"Photo Japanesque"_ Meoto Iwa(The Loved one-and-loved one Rocks) by Hiro Nishikawa on

Fuji paper (colour) by Mister Mark  on

Solitude II by Jose Beut on

The Most Beautiful Pond In The World! by Kent Shiraishi on

Between water and light by Stephen Cairns on

Clara by Martin Kühn on

Check out Natta’s full Zen gallery here. And if you have your own zenful, minimal shot to share with the community, upload it to 500px and drop a link in the comments! We’d love to see it.