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To help us celebrate our launch, we asked some of our 500px members to shoot an exclusive photo for ISO. Yesterday, we revealed Oleg Oprisco‘s photo and interviewed him. Tomorrow, we will be featuring our final photo from a mystery 500px photographer, so be sure to check back with us to find out.

Today, we’re unveiling this brand-new image that breakthrough viral superstar Elena Shumilova shot just for us:

What’s compelling about Elena is that she only discovered photography very recently. In that span of time — armed with a Canon 5D MKII and a 135mm lens — she has effortlessly captured the drama and whimsy of childhood, companionship, nature, and love in her body of work.

Scroll down to see what she has to say about her new photo!

Hi Elena! So great to catch up with you again. What’s the story behind this heartwarming shot?
ELENA: My dog was standing by the lodge of my house while I was talking a walk with my children. When my youngest son, Vanya, saw his favorite pet, he ran towards him to say hello. And I simply shot this moment. It was evening time, and the light was beautiful!

You’re known to have eye for capturing great light in your images, especially in this new one. Can you talk a bit about your preferred lighting conditions?
ELENA: I use natural light only, and I never use a tripod. I’m afraid to miss the moment! I like shooting backlight, most of all — it’s magical for me. I shoot with backlight everywhere, all the time.

Got any quick expert tips you can share with our community?
ELENA: Always try to find new ways to work with light and how it hits your subjects, whether it’s trees, materials, or clouds. And then just analyze and study those ways.

Do you have any advice on working with children as photo subjects?
ELENA: Follow your children everywhere. And with your camera, just shoot, shoot, shoot!

Want to get to know Elena a little better? Scroll down for some excerpts of two previous interviews we’ve published in the past!

How did you discover photography?
ELENA:  A year and a half ago, I borrowed my parents’ DSLR and started playing around with it. I took photos every day, observing and analyzing what I liked in my shots and what I didn’t. My inspiration is my two sons. Naturally, I was drawn to take photos of them. At first, I thought that it was important to have fancy outfits and a studio in order to take beautiful photos. Later, I realized that the simpler the setting and the clothes are, the easier it is to capture genuine moments. I spent six months learning photography, digesting my triumphs and failures. Eventually it came to a point where people would start complimenting my work. It was within that period of time that I bought my very own camera with which I shoot to date. It is no secret — I photograph with a Canon 5D MKII.

What inspires you to take photographs?
Music, sunlight, and the emotion of people.

Who are your favorite photographers on 500px?
Jake Olson, Magdalena Berny, Brooke Shaden, Lara Zankoul, Anka Jhuravleva, Sean Archer, Miki Asai, Silena Lambertini, Oprisco, Bill Gekas, Sarawut Intarob, and many others.

What’s the preparation process behind your photo shoots?
I sketch down my ideas all the time, capturing form and arranging body shapes of all my subjects. I believe that it is not your face but the body that communicates emotion. So when creating sketches and envisioning photographs, I take time to figure out the poses and the gestures. At the same time, I photograph my kids and friends when we go for a walk. The dog and animals that you see in photos are all our animals. So there are no special props.

Could you tell us more about the importance of posing?
Poses are everything. They communicate emotion and they can also make a photograph look awkward and incomplete. I spend many hours studying different poses and how they translate differently at different exposure times. The character and emotion are translated through gestures and body shapes, so I would suggest spending your time and figuring out your poses before you shoot. I don’t look only at the poses of my children but also the poses of animals. It is important to take into consideration the poses of everyone in your photograph.

What are your plans for the future?
I have many plans. I am fascinated by more subjects than just children and animals, and I already have ideas for many photo shoots. I will keep it to myself for now. I have also always wanted to try out the camera operator craft. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time or the opportunity to try it out, but it is definitely one of my dreams.