Throwback time! One month ago today on September 6, 2014, 500px held its second Annual Global Photo Walk. Over 7,000 passionate photography lovers in 137 cities across the world embarked on an exciting photographic exploration of their hometowns, and the results were absolutely incredible. New and experienced photographers alike braved all kinds of weather conditions—from pouring rains to 40-degree Celsius heat in Dubai to sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica—to capture some amazing images of their cities.

Singapore Photo Walk group

UAE Dubai Photo Walk group

With this year’s Photo Walk theme being “Patterns & Symbols”, we were blown away with the enthusiasm and creativity of the photographers who tackled the theme. Over 3,500 photos from September 6th were posted on 500px Global Photo Walk Groups, where discussions, comments, critiques and tips continue to be shared. You can find a link to each participating city’s Photo Walk Group at the bottom of this post. Take some time to browse through them—you won’t be disappointed!

500px would like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Global Photo Walk! We truly hope that you had a wonderful time, learned something new, made some new friends, and that you’ll join us again for our 2015 Globl Photo Walk—date to be announced soon. A special thank you goes out to our incredible Photo Walk hosts, who went above and beyond our expectations to create exciting and engaging walking routes in their hometowns, and who were the true facilitators of this amazing gathering of old and new friends.

Here is a selection of some of the amazing photos taken during Global Photo Walk around the world—from Delhi to Antarctica. Enjoy!

Dubai, UAE
_Business in the Background_ by Aaron Patrimonio - Dubai, UAEBusiness in the Background by Aaron Patrimonio

Untitled by Wael Onsy - Dubai, UAEUntitled by Wael Onsy

Bizerte, Tunisia
_Global Photo Walk_ by Marwen S'hill - Bizerte, TunisiaGlobal Photo Walk by Marwen S’hill

Delhi, India
_Iron Pillar_ by Abhinav Singhai - Delhi, IndiaIron Pillar by Abhinav Singhai

McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Untitled by Chris Chen - McMurdo Station, AntarcticaUntitled by Chris Chen

Lahore, Pakistan
_Lahore Fort Symbol of Decay_ by Sarmad Saeedy - Lahore, PakistanLahore Fort Symbol of Decay by Sarmad Saeedy

Porto, Portugal
_Lines_ by Paulo Pereira - Porto, PortugalLines by Paulo Pereira

Patras, Greece
_Pattern of old iron door_ by Aggelos Briasoulis - Patras, GreecePattern of Old Iron Door by Aggelos Briasoulis

Chattanooga, Tennessee
_Walnut St Bridge_ by Kevin Jones - Chattanooga, TennesseeWalnut St Bridge by Kevin Jones

Tripoli, Lebanon
_Zucchini_ by Rachid Al Ayoubi - Tripoli, LebanonZucchini by Rachid Al Ayoubi

Khartoum, Sudan
Untitled by Ahmed Elno'man - Khartoum, SudanUntitled by Ahmed Elno’man

Hyderabad, India
Untitled by Arvind Kumar Chaubey - Hyderabad, IndiaUntitled by Arvind Kumar

Bogota, Colombia
Untitled by Francisco Ropero - Bogota, ColombiaUntitled by Francisco-Ropero

Zurich, Switzerland
Untitled by Monika Gasiewska - Zurich, SwitzerlandUntitled by Monika Gasiewska

Kathmandu, Nepal
Untitled by Praneet Tulshyan - Kathmandu, NepalUntitled by Praneet Tulshyan

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