The wind is howling through the trees and the clouds that held back so you could capture that perfect mountain-top sunset are holding back no more. You think you just saw a snowflake fly past, and by the look of that cloud bank it’s the first of many more tonight.

It’s time to get inside.

Trudging through last night’s fresh powder, camera gear on your back, you know inside isn’t far away. As the trees clear, your shelter appears in the distance:

Glittering Blues by Stian N on

Wilderness hut by Mikko Karjalainen on

Ósvör fisherman

Destination Wilderness by Leander Voets on

Cabin light by Gunar Streu on

Under the snow by giorgio debernardi on

Morgan Phillips Photography by Morgan  Phillips on

Home by Kaj Sennelöv on

[ … home sweet home ] by Raymond Hoffmann on

Resilience by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on


Cabin in Whistler, British Columbia. by Anakin Fox on

Winter Escape by Kyle Kuiper on

Winter Homestead by Lockyer Mercer on

Snow raining... by Evgeni Dinev on

Merry Christmas by Oscar Jettman on

Home At The Hills by Terho Mäkelä on

A winters tale by Jay Daley on

Warmth by the Winter Cabin by Hälsing Nordin on

Evian by Mikhail Boyarskov on

Cabin by the lake by Steve Alkok on

We hope you enjoyed this collection of cozy cabins nestled away on snowy plateaus, mountain tops, and frozen shores.

If you have your own winter cabin photo to show off, share it with us in the comments! And if you want to see even more cabin-y goodness, click here to check out a gallery put together by 500px Content Editor Brian Wilson.