Last summer, I had the pleasure of guiding a group of photographers through a mountainous area of Norway that I simply call “The Misty Mountains.” These mountains are home to me, and I’ve spent more time in them than in any other place in nature.

Early on I decided to bring in some help from a great friend of mine. Max Rive, one of the most talented photographers alive today, was more than happy to help out.

So on a warm day in July we were all getting our backpacks ready for 6 days in a remote mountain paradise. I think everyone in the group was nervous, and didn’t quite know what they were getting into. But what a trip it turned out to be!

Enjoying the View by Arild Heitmann on

Max Rive looking out over the landscape.

#3 by Arild Heitmann on

Our first basecamp has some great spots.

On the first day we hiked up to spectacular campsite overlooking a grand valley with clear views towards some of the highest peaks in the area. I think everyone was pretty stoked to see the surroundings and the terrain we were about to explore.

After setting up the camp we had a great task ahead of us: in the early phases of planning this trip I had decided to camp on top of the highest peak in the area, Njallacohkka. I reworked that plan so that we would hike up to the summit instead, and shoot the sunset from the top. I knew that the hike up would be challenging and quite hard for everyone, but the reward would also be so worth it!

5 hours of hiking later, most of them through rugged and difficult rocky terrain with patches of snow and ice, we finally reached the summit shortly before sunset. At this time of the year, the sunset happens right before midnight.

The light was unbelievably good.

We spent 3 hours at the summit in freezing temperatures due to a really cold wind. But the cold couldn’t bring us down–we felt like kings & queens during these hours. What an experience! When we finally reached basecamp around 7 in the morning, the sun was already high up on the sky and the tents were boiling. But this was surely a night that everyone in the group will remember.

The Misty Mountain Kingdom by Arild Heitmann on

The top of the summit at midnight.

The rest of the trip we hiked through a landscape that has every ingredient needed to produce unimaginable beauty.

Lush green valleys, high towering peaks, mysterious forests of mountain birches that looks amazing in the mist, and hundreds of small creeks that make the perfect foreground for the surrounding mountains. Plus, waterfalls are everywhere!

The Misty Mountains by Arild Heitmann on

Scene right on our campsite.

Falling Back by Max Rive on

Another stunning view from one of the campsites.

Every campsite was chosen carefully for the best possible experience, and photo opportunities where abundant. I kept monitoring the weather and we managed to make the very best out of the ever changing conditions.

Towards the end of the trip we had to fight extremely wet and misty conditions. I can navigate through these mountains blindfolded and that was certainly something that was necessary towards the end. Visibility was close to zero, and these mountains can be dangerous, but still there is something really special about the atmosphere in the area. Ancient ghosts are thought to roam the area, and you can feel their presence when you move around the forests in the lower valleys.

On the final night I had made arrangements to have beers and snacks brought up to our last basecamp. What a great way to end a fantastic adventure.

I can’t wait to do 2 other hiking tours in the Dolomites and Tenerife alongside Max Rive. These trips are truly special! If you want to be a part of these adventures, feel free to check out