Winter is coming! We’re obsessed with how the change in seasons can dramatically and drastically alter the look of a place. Take waterfalls, for example. They go from abundant, ever-flowing streams to a solid chunk of ice frozen in time. For inspiration, we look up to these 500px photographers, who bundled up and captured these almost-unreal images of frozen waterfalls around the world.

From North America’s Niagara Falls to Goðafoss in Iceland—scroll down and cozy up to these spectacular snow-capped waterfalls!

Frozen Falls by Magda  Bognar on

Star Climber by Takanobu Nushi on

FrOzEn by Koveh Tavakkol on

Palouse Falls Frozen by Chip Phillips on

The Crystal Ballroom by Tula Top on

Hrafnabjargafoss in winter by Iurie  Belegurschi on

The Snowy Cloak of Aldeyjarfoss by Erez Marom on

Winter on the Falls by Thomas Duffy on

Niagara Falls by Ed Norton on

Frozen waterfall by Natalia Cebotari on

Frozen Lashes by Christina Angquico on

Ice Climber by J Dabler on

Polar Vortex in Niagara by Magda  Bognar on

Frozen Falls by Ryan Engstrom on

Frozen Falls by Max Foster on

Blue Ice by Jeff Hobson on

Amphitheater Falls by Stephen Liebenauer on

Gratitude by TJ "TJ Thorne" Thorne on

The Glowing Fall by Arild Heitmann on

"Icy Night" by Isaak Schiller on

stocking freeze by Gavin Hardcastle on


Alexandra Falls in Hay River, NWT by Sean Pinn on

Frozen Falls by Howie Mudge on

Frozen by Guillermo Palavecino on

Frozen Night by Morteza Safataj on

Koskikara (Eurasian White-fronted dipper, Cinclus Cinclus) by Mikko Palonkorpi on

Icy Punchbowl by Alex Mody on

"Frigid Falls" by Manju Shekhar on

frozen waterfall by vo. tography on

Winter Reflections by Derek Kind on

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