It’s week six of our little “This Week in Popular” experiment, and so far people really seem to love reviewing the best, most popular photos from 500px as voted by you over the last week.

In case this is your first time on one of these posts, the premise is simple: we dive into the data and dig out the 25 most popular photos from the 500px community over the past week… and then we list them below to inspire and impress and strike awe.

This week, for the very first time, we’re turning this into a real life countdown! So scroll down and count with us from number 25 all the way to the unsurprising number 1 spot from the past seven days.

25. Play with the Light by MatEngel

24. Sunrise Magic by Marvin Ramos Evasco

23. Stalheim by Juan Pablo de Miguel

22. Victoria by Sean Archer

21. Where Dreams Still Live by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

20. Into the Sea by Maurizio Fecchio

19. Always Amsterdam by Iván Maigua

18. Embrace by Like_He

17. Mythic Lands by Enrico Fossati

16. Morning of Sorae by Jaewoon U

15. The Magic of the Moment by Timothy Poulton

14. Top of The World by Duarte Sol

13. Sara – Natural Light by Dani Diamond

12. Houses of Spirit by Thierry Bornier

11. Unbroken by Mohammed Sattar

10. Seek by Saravut Whanset

9. Ascension by William Patino

8. The Essence of New Zealand by Jesse Summers

7. Harvest by Pavlos M. Pavlou

6. Scotland by Max Rive

5. DIRT by James Smart

4. Lines III by Thomas Bjørnstad

3. Window in Time by Marc Adamus

2. The Razor’s Edge by Jake Olson Studios

1. Sister Tornados Under Supercell by Kelly DeLay

Editor’s Note: If you want to know the story behind the most popular photo of the week, you’re in luck! Kelly shared the story behind this incredible photograph of twin tornadoes with us here.

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