Fog, in literature and real life, is a force of mystery and magic. It obscures some things to reveal others; and it can transform an already beautiful landscape into something out of a fairy tale.

Sometimes the fog rolls in thick and fast, covering the landscape in a river so dense only a few defiant buildings or iconic mountain peaks remain in sight, holding their own against the sweeping torrent.

Other times it’s insidious, a horror movie-worthy creeping fog that sneaks up on you, thickening so slowly you don’t know it’s there until it’s completely obscured the next twist in the trail.

The 30 gorgeous photographs below—captured by 500px photographers from around the world—demonstrate each of these situations perfectly, captivating your imagination along the way:

For more mysterious and magical pictures of foggy landscapes, give this link a click and go crazy. There are 1,000 pages of search results for “fog” on 500px… our apologies to your productivity.