Admittedly, we’re moving in the wrong direction. These were supposed to be lists of Top 10 photos and so far we’ve had two Top 11s, two Top 10s, and now a Top 12. The problem is that we often can’t help but include numbers 11 and 12 on the list because they’re just too darn good to leave out.

So, in the spirit of 2014, we’ll say #sorrynotsorry and move on to our next Top 10 12 list of eye-popping 500px photographs. Today’s list is The Top 10 City & Architecture Photos of 2014, and it’s got everything from Tron-inspired cityscapes to out-of-this-world photographs of Dubai in the fog.

Scroll down and enjoy!

Congratulations to all of the talented photographers’ whose photos made the list! Be sure to check out each of their profiles by clicking on the photos above because this is just the tip of the beautiful photography iceberg.

And if you’d like to dive deeper down the City & Architecture rabbit hole, browse the Popular page or check out our Editors’ Choice photos in the category.