The photo above is not a composite. We’ve got proof, which we’ll get to in a minute, but the important thing to realize now is simply that the photo above is not a composite.

Mountain biker Danny MacAskill really did stand atop the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Isle of Skye, on his mountain bike, staring out across the landscape like some two-wheeled god surveying his domain. And while he was doing that, photographer Chris Prescott (among others) was capturing this epic moment in pixels.

We stumbled across this image this morning and it’s safe to say there was gawking. Drooling came next, wanderlust third, and a weird desire to buy a mountain bike and plane ticket to Scotland finished off the emotional rollercoaster. Here’s the photo again:

The photo was captured during the filming of a video called “The Ridge” that you’re about to watch. Released back in October of 2014, the Cut Media production tells the story of MacAskill’s return to his home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland “to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline.”

Prescott was there during the filming of this incredible video, capturing images like these as MacAskill hopped from boulder to boulder, rode down harrowingly thin ridges, and then… of course… stood atop the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Now, about that proof. The photos are amazing, and we’re so happy Chris decided to join the 500px community and upload them. Seriously, thanks!

But they are given that much more meaning when placed in context by the video. It’s already accumulated some 35.5 million views since it was released 8 months ago—if you’re not one of them (or even if you are) we suggest you fix this issue immediately:

Chris is pretty fresh to our little community, so go say hi and follow the adventure photographer and filmmaker! Then check out his website, Facebook Page, and Twitter.