It doesn’t matter if they’re captured from rooftops, helicopters, or airplanes above Dubai, NYC, or San Francisco, each of these photographs show big cities from a totally different perspective.

Tall buildings and crowded streets become so much more manageable when seen from above: just centipedes of light swirling between big concrete tree trunks of humanity…

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As someone who lives in one of these cities, the photos below offer a refreshing ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of New York’s streets, and allow me to appreciate these man-made monoliths to productivity in a totally different way:

There are a lot more amazing 500px images of cities from around the world captured from above–to see them for yourself, just type Rooftop or Aerial into our search (or follow those links).

And if you have your own aerial shot of a city hiding on a hard drive or film roll somewhere, upload it to your 500px account and drop a link in the comments down below! We’d love to see it.