Today is a special day that celebrates the art, science, and history of photography. World Photography Day is commemorated every year on 19 August, and though the technology may have changed over the years the essence of photography has remained the same.

The Significance of August 19th
The origins of World Photography Day date back to August 19th, 1839, when the government in France purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process. 

The daguerreotype process made it possible to capture the image seen inside a camera obscura and preserve it as an object. It was the first practical photographic process and ushered in a new age of pictorial possibility. When France patented it they also stated it was their gift to the world, as this invention changed the way we can see the world. 

We have come a long way since the slow process of creating an image and the photography equipment of today is a true wonder, able to capture objects with such detail that Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre himself, the inventor of the daguerreotype probably wouldn’t have even imagined possible.

Ok, but how has Photography changed the world?
Without the invention of the camera, it wouldn’t have been possible to capture the history of this world in images.

They give credit to the media providing proof and validation behind claims. They capture important figures from history or preserve what is currently happening in the world. Years from now, our younger generations will only recognize certain celebrities and political figures because of their likeness captured by the lens.

Then even beyond Earth, what a lens is capable of capturing today is quite surreal. NASA has an extremely impressive image collection for example and you can probably remember the recent fanfare over the James Webb images.

Let’s Hear It for Photography
One of the most important things about photography put simply is that it is fun! It’s a form of play and escape and allows us to engage with various interests. As cameras have become cheaper, taking photos has become accessible and has grown in popularity. It is a medium of creative expression, allowing us to communicate an event or deeper emotions. 

The photograph has come to serve us in many ways; commemorating people and places, acting as a form of communication, and providing art and life to our homes and shared spaces.

Here are a few ways to celebrate photography with us: