As the world gears up to celebrate World Photography Day, we at 500px thought, “Why not use our megaphone to introduce you to some incredible hidden gems in the world of photography?”

So, let’s dive into an exciting adventure where you’ll meet 10 talented creatives who we think are going to change the game when it comes to capturing the beauty of life through photography.

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1. Carlotta Ricci


Working in analog requires a real knowledge of the camera and lighting — it takes photography back to its origins and can be difficult to navigate while also staying focused on your subject.

Carlotta has mastered the art of film photography, however, and captures emotive portraits in soft, gentle tones that deliver a wave of nostalgia in the best way possible.

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2. Seth Macey


The mountains and untouched landscapes aren’t available to everyone, but Seth’s stunning nature photography brings it to you.

This skilled wildlife photographer knows how to shoot nature ethically and, with a balance of patience and technical expertise, he gets up close and personal with deer, moose, owls, and more.

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3. Bree Friesen


Photography is a form of expression, and Bree takes this to heart with her creative and conceptual imagery.

Her images are not made to fit in, they are a creative refuge for the artist and a vehicle of escape for the viewer. There is beauty in the peculiar, and from her dramatically posed models to the diffused light or pops of color, we’re teleported to a beautiful scene.

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4. Gustavo Chams


This photographer’s background in creative direction and design is apparent in his phenomenal fashion photos.

Gustavo’s images successfully highlight the clothing, accessories, or beauty at the heart of his shot in a visually appealing and artistic manner. This requires him to understand his client’s brand and message, to collaborate seamlessly with his models, and to compose the frame thoughtfully. His resulting body of work is extremely impressive.

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5. Mary Bel


Fine art photography isn’t about duplicating what the eye sees in front of the lens, it inverts our idea of reality.

Mary Bel’s imagery throws us for a loop on how she constructs such surrealism, and that’s part of the magic behind it.

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6. Rebecca Adler


A mix of travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle photography, this photographer is mainly drawn to travel photography and uses a pastel muted palette to deliver whimsical wanderlust images.

The vintage feel to this globetrotter’s photo portfolio is a welcome aesthetic that delivers a dose of happiness.

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7. Babak Fatholahi


This is the perfect example of a self-taught photographer who has leveled up his skill set through his own initiative.

His images are often focused solely on one model, at the center of the scene, with moody colors or classic black and white. Lighting never hinders his photography but is central to his storytelling.

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8. Michael Eugster


Taking to the streets with his camera, Michael captures the human experience.

With a knack for capturing candid moments, Michael has an optimistic approach to street photography, and, through this energy, he manages to document the unexpected in creative ways.

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9. Matteo Sergo


Beauty shots, that also feel like a respite from the every day, is how we’d describe Matteo’s beautiful editorial style images.

Whether set on the coast, in a greenhouse, or in the studio, the focus stays firmly on the model.

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10. Sara Zanini


With her drone, Sara — a travel photographer — moves our eyes up, and shows us the most beautiful bird’s eye views of dream destinations from the Philippines to Italy.

She has a defined style and color palette, sticking mainly with cool tones and high contrast. Armchair travelers will be transported all over the world by browsing her impressive portfolio of work.

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