Happy World Photography Day, photographers! Your dedication is truly inspiring. Join us as we introduce our annual competition, designed to ignite creativity and explore photography’s essence. Discover the chosen themes that focus on both art and technique. Let’s also delve into the history of World Photography Day. Keep reading for an exciting journey into photography’s core!

Capture, Compete, Win: the triple threat

So we’ve teamed up with amazing partners at Lume Cube, HoldFast, and SunwayFoto to bring you an opportunity that’s hard to resist. It’s time to take your photography game up a notch (or three)!

With three unique Quests, each designed to showcase a different aspect of your photography skills. You’re free to choose the Quest that resonates with you the most or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and try your hand at all three!

Prizes up for grabs:

4ft XL Tube Light from Lume Cube
Leather Camera Harness from HoldFast
Carbon Fiber Tripod from SunwayFoto

Prizes to win

Quest Themes

Well Lit: Sponsored by LumeCube

Inspo images

Show us photos with expert lighting, whether that’s natural light or flash
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So Sharp: Sponsored by HoldFast

Inspo images

Show us photos that are in focus and high quality
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Expert Blur: Sponsored by SunwayFoto

Inspo images

Show us images that intentionally use blur to elevate the story.
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So why these themes?

In the captivating world of photography, mastering the interplay of light, focus, and artistic blur can be the defining factor between ordinary snapshots and breathtaking visual narratives. These three techniques—Well Lit, So Sharp, and Expert Blur—are the cornerstones upon which photography stands.

Well Lit: Painting with Light
Think of lighting as your paintbrush, and your camera as the canvas. Expert lighting, whether it’s sunlight or flash, can transform ordinary scenes into captivating moments. Harness the sun’s magic during different times of the day for stunning effects. When the sun takes a break, your trusty flash steps in to illuminate your subjects.

So Sharp: Capturing Clarity
Ever snapped a pic that turned out blurry? Sharpness is the secret sauce for clear, captivating photos. Understand your camera’s autofocus, keep steady hands, and consider a tripod for extra stability. Sharp photos pull viewers into your world, revealing all the details you want them to see.

Expert Blur: Artful Blurriness
Blur isn’t always a bad thing. It can add depth and emotion to your photos. Use shallow depth of field to highlight your subject while gently blurring the background. Motion blur captures movement and energy, telling dynamic stories.

Mastering these three techniques – Well Lit, So Sharp, and Expert Blur – is your ticket to creating photos that pop. Lighting sets the mood, sharpness brings your world into focus, and expert blur adds an artistic touch. Combine them, and you’ll craft photos that amaze and engage. Happy shooting!