Our Editors’ Choice page has never looked more brilliant and busy. That’s because we’ve asked several top photographers to curate their favorite 500px images and add them to the gallery. Could your photo be in there? Keep your eyes peeled! Plus, we’ll be featuring each of our 12 guest curators here on 500px ISO, where they’ll be sharing some of their picks and doing an exclusive interview with us.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on New York City-based portrait and fashion photographer Emily Soto. Whether it’s film or digital format, her renowned body of work captures high fashion and fantasy—while keeping all the elements fresh, modern, and dreamy.

Ireland by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Alice by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

The Shunning by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

We’re obsessed her editorial eye. She lends this same distinct point-of-view to the images she’s been curating to 500px Editors’ Choice. But before we get into her favorite photos, let’s get to know her better first in this exclusive Q&A—read on and meet Emily!

500px: Hi Emily! You take such awe-inspiring portraits. But we’re curious—what subjects do you enjoy shooting the most?

EMILY SOTO: I enjoy photographing girls with unique features.

Katya by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Caitlyn by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

How did you get started with photography?

EMILY: I fell in love with photography when I first met my husband Vic. We enjoyed taking photos of landscapes and animals as we traveled around California and Europe. A couple of years later, a friend of mine started modeling, so we decided to set up a photo shoot. I immediately fell in love with the creativity of it and knew it was what I wanted to pursue. I am really thankful to have a job that I am so passionate about.

Champagne and Strawberry by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Beautiful Soul by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Out of all your photos, which one is your most favorite?

EMILY: I have really fallen in love with Polaroid and 35mm film. Using film, I have several photos I really love that were taken in the past year. I recently did a shoot for a designer in New York City, Leanne Marshall. I love the emotion the model delivered, and how Leanne’s gowns kept flowing so perfectly for the photos. I also always love collaborating with designer Alex London—her pieces give a dark, romantic mood that work so beautifully with film.

Giulia by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Julia by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

In the 500px community, whose work do you admire the most?

EMILY: I really enjoy this opportunity to be an editor for 500px. I have the chance to discover so many talented photographers, who have shared their work with me and others I’ve come across while browsing. There is a lot of great art on there, ranging from fashion to landscapes and everything in between. It’s been an honor to be a part of the selection process, and find so many inspiring artists along the way.

As a curator for our Editors’ Choice gallery what qualities make a photo good?

EMILY: I love a photo that captures a certain mood to tell a story. I like emotions to be portrayed through the subject, and captured beautifully by the photographer. To capture a great photo, the photographer should have a strong vision in what they want to portray through the image. The photographer must be able to communicate it in order to execute it well with their subject.

Pyper by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Alice by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

Emily Soto’s Favorite Photos on 500px

Now that you’ve gotten to know her a little better, check out some of Emily Soto’s favorites on 500px, featuring the works of Felicia Simion, Nadia Nardelli, Cora Edwards, Artur Marunich, Millie Tang, and Scott Morgan!

Fever by Felicia Simion on 500px.com

Fever by Felicia Simion

“I love the model’s expression and the angle of her face. It is her eyes that draw me into the photo. I like the soft light cast from the light, and how natural it looks. The black-and-white works nicely with the subject. I love the contrast in the image. The overall image creates a lovely mood when all factors are mixed including the subject, expression, lighting, and retouching. I love the entire mood and emotion it gives.”

Intolerant stomach by Nadia Nardelli on 500px.com

#1 by Nadia Nardelli

“I love how her pose, the shape her body gives, and the props all work together so seamlessly. I am a huge fan of natural and window light, so I love how well it goes with the mood of this image. I love how natural it looks—the black-and-white makes it classic. I really like the composition of the image. You can see how the glass is placed perfectly in front of her face, and the water droplets inside the glass frame the eye so well.”

Into the Light by Cora Edwards on 500px.com

Into the Light by Cora Edwards

“The way she is floating in the water gives such a beautiful romantic mood. Her gaze adds to the image’s romanticism. The lighting is very soft and natural, which works especially well for this concept. The colors are lovely and natural, which fit perfectly with the scene and flowers. I love Cora Edwards’ concept, and how well it all works together. She did a great job with the execution and creating a surreal mood through the image.”

Untitled by Artur Marunich  on 500px.com

Untitled by Artur Marunich

“There is something haunting about her eyes. I love how well her look works with the scene and colors. The soft light works well with the darker mood of the image. I love how part of her face is darker, making it more mysterious. The muted colors work well with the models expression and lighting. I love the desaturated skin and how her eyes pop from the image adding to the mood. The photo may be simple, but it portrays such a strong mood. I love the style of the image.”

Cheriece by Millie Tang on 500px.com

Cheriece by Millie Tang

“How the model is looking away gives such an emphasis to the rest of the details in the image. The lighting makes the image more dramatic and adds to the mood. I think black-and-white works perfectly with this image—it’s simple and timeless. The image has a classic feel. I love the composition, styling, and mood of the model. It is simple but beautifully done. I actually met Millie Tang, who took this photo, at a workshop I taught in Australia last year. She does have a great eye, and I enjoy seeing the images she produces.”

Meg by Scott Morgan on 500px.com

Meg by Scott Morgan

“The way she is looking down while her skirt is swaying and her somewhat unkept hair all work together perfectly in this image. The photographer positioned the model well with the sun, creating a dramatic mood to the image. The black-and-white brings the focus in on the subject. I really like the desolate feeling it adds. The subject, location, lighting, model, dress, and processing all add to a beautiful image and mood. The photographer tells a beautiful story through the image.”

Emily Soto has selected and added more of her favorite images to our Editors’ Choice page, so make sure to check it out!

Bayan by Emily  Soto on 500px.com

To see more of her own stunning work, you can follow her on 500px. You can also visit her website, or connect with her on Instagram.