Get your gear ready because on September 17, 2016, the most anticipated global social photography event in the world is back!

The 500px Global Photo Walk is the one day a year when photographers from every corner of the globe gather to celebrate a love of photography with their local communities. Led by the most passionate members of our 500px community, this event brings together photography enthusiasts of all skill levels to meet up, share tips and tricks, and make new friends – and of course, to shoot some of the world’s most inspiring photography.

Last year, 30,000 photography lovers signed up to explore over 200 cities on all 7 continents – our biggest turnout ever. They hosted walks everywhere from the world’s largest urban centers to forests full of waterfalls to a research station in Antarctica and uploaded over 10,000 incredible, never-before-seen images on 500px afterwards.

New and Exciting: We’re Partnering with Red Bull Photography

Somersault by Red Bull Photography on

We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s Global Photo Walk is presented in collaboration with our partners at Red Bull Photography. We’re huge fans of Red Bull Photography’s passion for authentic, absorbing imagery, extraordinary action shots, and their knack for telling real stories through incredible photography – which they’ve been sharing through their profile.

We’re excited to expand this already successful partnership to the 2016 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk and to announce the theme of this year’s event:

Action & Adventure

The Historical & New Generations by Nizam Daniel on

This year we want you to get your walking, running, cycling, or hiking shoes on and embrace the theme of action and adventure. Get out there and capture the energy, motion, excitement, and movement of today’s fast-paced places and people.

As always, we’re so excited to see the world through your eyes, and we can’t wait to see your creative interpretations of this year’s theme.

How Can I Get Involved?

500px GPW Innsbruck by Fabian Irsara on

The 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk is completely free to attend and photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. You don’t need to be a pro or have a fancy camera—grab your mobile phone, a point-and-shoot, or even an old film SLR and get out there!

To participate, visit and sign up for a walk in a location nearest you. If your city isn’t on the list yet, we encourage you to apply to host a walk.

Once you’ve signed up, connect with other walkers over social media using the hashtag #PhotoWalkThisWay and be sure to follow 500px’s main social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Global Photo Walk updates leading up to the big day. Join us to experience the thrill of being part of the world’s best photography community!

To learn more about the 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk, visit In need of some inspiration? Read all about last year’s walk here and don’t forget to save the date for September 17, 2016.

Hero image by Maja Topcagic taken at the 2015 500px Global Photo Walk in Sarajevo.