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Well, life for me the last couple of weeks has been hectic. After 21 years of living near the ocean on the Northern California Coast, I packed up a Penske Truck and drove 700 miles into the Pacific Northwest to make my new home in the photography and solitude heaven of Idaho. Check out the road trip photos and the reasons that made me make this big decision.

Since I have been here, I feel rejuvenated, clear-headed, and newly inspired. Must be the high desert air in Boise. But even though I am enjoying my new home, curating the best travel photos on 500px this week has me anxious to get on a plane. With the travel schedule quickly filling up for the year, I will get my wish very soon, but for now, I am just going to enjoy the crisp and clean mountain air.

If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!


By Nicholas Roemmelt

SELJALANDSFOSS by Nicholas Roemmelt on 500px.com

Detroit, Michigan

By Brian Day

sweet.devotion by Brian Day on 500px.com

New York City

By Roman K

When the sun touches the city is when magic begins by Roman K on 500px.com

Venice, Italy

By Cmoon View

venezia by cmoon view on 500px.com

Lake Tahoe, California

By Jeff Lewis

Bonsai Ablaze by Jeff Lewis on 500px.com

Italian Alps

By Sebastian Wahlhuetter

Speedfly Wahlhuetter by Sebastian Wahlhuetter on 500px.com

Tasmania, Australia

By Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

Tessellated light by Dylan Toh  & Marianne Lim on 500px.com


By TJ Drysdale

Alone by TJ Drysdale on 500px.com

Hong Kong

By Evgeny Tchebotarev

Big City Night by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px.com

Pushkar, India

By Yaman Ibrahim

girl from Pushkar by Yaman Ibrahim on 500px.com

Lake Crescent, Washington

By Berty Mandagie

Still Morning at Lake Crescent. by Berty Mandagie on 500px.com