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After the events of this week, you may be left thinking that the world is a cruel and evil place, but I am still an optimistic kind of guy. Every time I travel somewhere on this planet, I am constantly reminded of the care, compassion, and hospitality of 99% of the people in the world.

We, the 99%, will never let the 1% break our will, our happiness, and our love for life and travel. We will never live in fear, and we will continue to experience the beauty of the world and compassionate people that inhabit it.

This week, I have included 6 images from Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris in honor of the victims of the recent horrific acts. There are more cities and countries in the world suffering too. To honor them, let us keep exploring, keep drinking local wines, keep eating the incredible local food, and keep supporting tourism and telling the inspiring stories of 99% of the world.

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Garibalidi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

By Lizzy Gadd

Arise by Lizzy Gadd on 500px.com

Paris, France

By Juliene Orre

Pray For Paris by Julien Orre on 500px.com

Henningsvær, Norway

By Adrienne Butcher

Norwegian Red Fishermens

Lake Braies, Prags Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy

By Guerel Sahin

Elements by guerel sahin on 500px.com

Petten, Netherlands

By Klaas Fidom

Dutch mirror by Klaas Fidom on 500px.com

Paris, France

By Tomapaul

Montparnasse view by tomapaul on 500px.com

Beirut, Lebanon

By Youssef Doughan

Waiting by Youssef Doughan on 500px.com

Beirut, Lebanon

By Youssef Doughan

Three & The Sea by Youssef Doughan on 500px.com

Baghdad, Iraq

By Bashar

iraq - baghdad by ???? ?????? on 500px.com

Baghdad, Iraq

By Mustfa Mohammed

Friends lifetime by mustfa mohammed on 500px.com