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I am currently in a toasty cabin, warming my bones after another great night of photographing the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful locations in the world: the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway.

I was invited here by my friend Stian Klo to be a guest instructor for a Lofoten Tours workshop, but nothing could have prepared myself for the rare sight I was going to see over the small fishing village of Reine! Take a look at what I consider the luckiest photo of my career, as well as other images that will make you eager to book a ticket to see this colorful village in person.

So it’s easy to see that I have cold landscapes in my mind in this week’s selections for my favorite travel photos of the week. Included is a beautiful image by Yan L of the same town I mentioned above, plus another cold and unreal image by Felix Inden of Hamnøy, another fishing village we stayed at this week.

Winter is coming, my friends. And the landscape photographer in me couldn’t be any more excited. I hope you brave the cold and come back with some epic snow covered scenes to upload to 500px! If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By Elia Locardi

Dusty Dawn by Elia Locardi on 500px.com

Reine, Norway

By Yan L

A Beautiful Morning by Yan L on 500px.com

Spirit Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

By Ted Gore

Between Body and Spirit by Ted Gore on 500px.com

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada

By Nazmul Islam

Winter Lake Louise by Nazmul Islam on 500px.com

New York

By Toby Harriman

Times Square Aerial Night by Toby Harriman on 500px.com

Hamnøy, Norway

By Felix Inden

Postcard from Hamnøy by Felix Inden on 500px.com

Piraeus, Greece

By Thanasaki

Counting the Earnings by thanasaki   on 500px.com

Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

By Paul Zizka

Night of the Taurids by Paul Zizka on 500px.com

Budapest, Hungary

By Piroska Pádár

Fall cleaning by Piroska Pádár on 500px.com


By Saravut Whanset

The fisherman by Saravut Whanset on 500px.com