There’s something so whimsical about these beautiful images that incorporate bokeh. It’s almost as if they could be from a different, magical world.

We’ve loved watching the submissions fly in for our bokeh-themed Photo Quest by Meyer-Optik-Görlitz and selected 30+ of our favourites beautiful images to ignite your creative spark!

The three lucky winners of this Quest are going to receive an incredible prize courtesy of master lens-crafters Meyer-Optik. The good news is that there’s still time to enter, so get inspired by the gallery below and submit your best photos now!

Bulb Bokeh by Dean Machin on

Cherry Blossom 41 by Wei-San Ooi on

Hedgehog by K. Mrá?ková on

Good morning, by JUNGYOOK PARK on

Love is... by Marat Akhmetvaleev on

Wait by Li Shen on

diamonds and pearls by Justin Lim on

cat city night street bokeh ligh by Waqas Shaikh on

Just one... by LHJB Photography on

Sunset on Eiffel Tower by Frédéric MONIN on

stunned with bokehs by Goutham Narayanan on

_ by ????? ?????? on

Silver Twilight by Belga Tarkhani on

Flower Girl by Jarell Alberto on

Aix-en-Provence by Alberto Masi on

Self Portrait by Jennifer Goode on

Woodstock plaza man by Emmanuel Ruiz on

Stormtroopers are having a treat! by Natalia Grebesheva Photography on

City bokeh by Neal Kumar on

Ariel by Fabio Hashimoto on

Glance by Rex Shaw on

bokeh love by h86_photography on

Kitty go to the light by Saya?bandith Souvanthong on

BOKEH IN PARIS.  by Jonathan van den Broek on

Untitled by chvcky on

The bulb by Carlos M. Almagro on

Ice Ice Bokeh by Oscar Nilsson on

in the stilly night by Lafugue Logos on

Symphonies for Magic Moment by Shihya Kowatari on

Magic light by Valeriya Tikhonova on

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