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Wow, did another month pass by already? It seems like only yesterday we were popping champagne and celebrating the New Year, but here we are, entering Quarter 4.

The best part about the 4th quarter of the year? December is pretty much a free-for-all for extra time off to explore the world, so get your mittens out and gaze upon some of this week’s best photos from locations like Norway, Russia, Alaska and Scotland.

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to add an extra week to that holiday break and plan a trip to see something you haven’t seen before.

If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!

Hong Kong

By Evgeny Tchebotarev

Good Night, Hong Kong by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px.com

Honefoss, Norway

By Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Soaked by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.com

Redwoods State Park, California

By Dustin Wong

Dreamland by Dustin Wong on 500px.com

Falkirk, Scotland

By Kenny Baker

Time Portals by KENNY BARKER on 500px.com

Yelansy, Russia

By Alexander Atoyan

?????? ???? by Alexander Atoyan on 500px.com

Rize Kaçkar Mountans, Turkey

By Turan Reis

reflections of mountains by Turan Reis on 500px.com

South Ural, Russia

By Marat Akhmetvaleev

Velvet by Marat Akhmetvaleev on 500px.com


By Chris Burkard

CHRIS BURKARD PHOTOGRAPHY, by Chris  Burkard on 500px.com

Chicago, Illinois

By Michael Salisbury

3124 by Michael Salisbury on 500px.com

Asturias, Spain

By Ana Tramont

El puente del Pilar by Ana Tramont on 500px.com