This is probably the most captivating thing we’ve seen all month… it not year. Recently, studio dance photographer Derrick Senior began capturing slow motion video with a Sony RX10II alongside his high speed dance photography.

While the dancers he works with do their thing and his Canon 5DS R is capturing the perfect moment, the little Sony is capturing the moments before and after in mesmerizing slow motion that had our eyes absolutely glued to the screen!

Here is the final photo:

Malakai (Angel) by Derrick Senior on

And the video of the photo in-the-making. Be sure to click HD!

Vermont Velocity Dancers – Amanda RoseThis short "ultra slow motion" clip (200-1000FPS) highlights one move that resulted in the high speed dance image in the comments section. Best enjoyed in HD with sound on.This is a first real attempt with slow motion video production that I hope will result in future clips highlighting more of Amanda and other talented Vermont artists. Liking and/or sharing will help move this work forward. Thanks.

Posted by Derrick Senior on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just plain amazing. Revealing the silky smooth motion of the dancer that leads to the captivating final photograph removes some of the mystery behind the shot, and adds a totally new dimension to how you experience it.

Keep an eye on Derrick’s 500px account and Facebook to see more from him in the coming days and weeks, and check back with ISO daily because we’ll be diving into the details behind this interesting technique and transition with Derrick very soon!