In her Gallery “Puppy Love,” 500px Content Editor Heather Balmain is clearly trying to make our heads explode. We support this endeavor 1,000%.

Puppies sleeping, puppies playing, puppies cuddling, and puppies just being puppies—THIS is what the month of love is all about. Forget your Valentine (or lack thereof) for a minute, and cuddle up with 21 of the most adorable photos ever shared on 500px:

Catflap ? by David Leather on

Ziggy 11 wks old asleep by Greig Reid on

English bulldog puppy by Borislav Stefanov on

Saskia in Daffodils by Alexandra Robins on

LOU by Bobby Gnatzig on

Happiness by Iza ?yso? on

French Bulldog Resting by Joey D on

Merlin by Irene Mei on

Willow by Trudy Gardner on

First steps by Iza ?yso? on

Love Nibble by Brian Hochmuth on


Pug Face by Jamie Lawson on

White puppy by Tatyana Zavyalova on

learning to fly by António Leão de Sousa on

I love my bro by Robert Bulten on

puppy by Tomoaki Yoshimi on

Jacquard by Kirill Sokolov on

Cute Monster by Alicja Zmys?owska on

Unruly puppy. by Sergey Filonenko on

best friends by Aleksandra Kielreuter on

Want more Puppy Love? Check out Heather’s full gallery by clicking here. And don’t forget to share your favorite puppy photos in the comments down below!