Did you know that nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February? Neither did we. Valentine’s Day marks the end of engagement season and since the weather is warming up I put together a gallery of some key couple poses, tips, and photoshoot ideas to prepare you for your next couples photo shoot.

When preparing for a couples photoshoot, it’s easy to get caught up making sure your gear is good to go and connecting with your clients, but one thing you don’t want to overlook is how to pose your couple. Awkward body language and posing are nearly impossible to fix in post-production. Thinking about the couple poses first sets the tone of the photograph.

One of the key things I do to prepare when doing couples photography is to create a gallery of photos to serve as a moodboard to track inspirations and references. This is a helpful tool to communicate the look & style you’re going for with your clients and crew, like hair & makeup artists.

  • Prior to the shoot get to know when they want to want to a photoshoot in the day or night photography.
  • Get to know your couple and their dynamic before your shoot. Listen for details about how they communicate with each other and what they’re passionate about.
  • During the shoot, interact with the couple by asking them to recount their first date or how they met. This will give them a chance to connect with each other and take their minds off of the shoot.
  • Keep things moving by asking the couple to stay in motion. Whether it’s walking or a simple caress, avoid stiff poses by encouraging your couple to interact with each other and their environment.

Poses & Inspiration for Couples Photography:

Hugging & Looking at the Camera

Edit by Paul Broome on 500px.com

Hugging & Looking at Each Other

where the water falls. by Mag Hood on 500px.com

Hug Close-up

J & F by Mitch Wilson on 500px.com


Wet Lips  by Marcelo  Lima on 500px.com

Autumn in Belfast by Simple Tapestry on 500px.com

Looking into the Distance

Taryn & Robert by Hailey Eisenbach on 500px.com

Lift Off

Together by Jaros?aw Stró?yk on 500px.com

Ring Shot

Happy Couple by Aurora Hooper on 500px.com

Untitled by Luba Katarkova on 500px.com

From Above

Greta + Manfred 1 by Unleashed Creative Photo + Video on 500px.com

Lying Down & Facing the Camera

Beautiful couple lying in tent, camping in autumn nature by Jozef Polc on 500px.com

Lying Down & Looking Away

Multi-ethnic couple laying on beach by blend_boost on 500px.com

A Romantic Walk

Beautiful young couple on a walk. Colorful autumn nature. by Jozef Polc on 500px.com

Winter love story by Maryna Khomenko on 500px.com

Park Bench

lovers sitting by the water on the bench by ????? ????????? on 500px.com

Homosexual couple dating by fabio formaggio on 500px.com

Holding Hands

Untitled by Austin Williams on 500px.com

Stopping Traffic

jess and daniel by julia and gil on 500px.com

Stylish Details

Engagement by Aurora Hooper on 500px.com

In the Tree by Nani Annette on 500px.com

A Kiss

Quédate conmigo! by Carla Osorio on 500px.com


Love by Scott Gibson on 500px.com

Sasha and Marina by evgenij yulkin on 500px.com

Goofing Around

See You from Upside Down by Kelly Li on 500px.com

Engaged by Austin Williams on 500px.com

Man carrying girlfriend piggyback in snow by Gable Denims on 500px.com


pre-wedding by Jhonata Dias on 500px.com

Golden Hour Silhouettes

Kiss me by Marcus Câmara on 500px.com

"forever in love" by Rey Talam on 500px.com

Shallow Depth of Field

pre-wedding by Jhonata Dias on 500px.com

Petals by Noemi Gonzalez on 500px.com

Candid Moments at Home

Caucasian lesbian couple sitting on inflatable flamingo by Gable Denims on 500px.com


Love. by Teddy  Georgieva on 500px.com

Drew and Steph by Arjunn Sachdev on 500px.com

A Gorgeous View

romantic lesbian couple kissing at golden gate bridge with pet dog by Joshua Resnick on 500px.com

Porto lovers by Renato Ribeiro on 500px.com

Fake a Selfie

happy couple in love  in Santa monica on the pier by Cristian Negroni on 500px.com

Aerial Shot

Dli2 by Yi Wu on 500px.com

Now that you’re inspired, try to create your own gallery on 500px to track photos you love and help prepare for your next photoshoot.

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