Self-portrait photography like all other types of photography has no limits. But with all creative freedom we can also feel unmotivated or paralyzed on where we start.

How do come up with creative self-portraits ideas every-time we start taking photos? How do we maintain our motivation?

One thing that works for the 500px community is always getting photography inspiration from other artist. This is why it’s important for creatives to stay within a great community as they master their craft. Inspiration will be sparked, and creative freedom will happen.

Step up your self portrait photography game with 50 fresh self portrait ideas for the times when you want to be on the other side of the lens.

Pizarnik by Iulia Pironea on


21 by Adi Dekel on



The Fading Storm by Kindra Nikole on


If you made it all the way here, enjoy this adorable bonus:

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