In the headlines this week: A controversial critique of the Polaroid comeback, an update on the photographer shot by police and new gear promising to be the “only light you’ll ever need.” These are just a few of the things worth discussing in this week’s photography news roundup.

1. Does the return of Polaroid point to a lack of innovation?

The instant camera’s return with the launch of Polaroid Originals was cause for celebration in many photography circles — but not everyone is jazzed about the comeback. A columnist for The Guardian argues that the revival of Polaroids represents the Millennial generation’s lack of imagination, and “a preoccupation with the lives of previous generations that might be inhibiting innovation.”

What do you think? Does crushing on old photography methods mean you’re not focussed enough on experimentation? Or is the past just another source of inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Polaroid One Step by Santi Gil on

Source: The Guardian

2. Update on Andy Grimm, the photographer shot by police

Andy Grimm, the Ohio photographer who was mistakenly shot by police earlier this month, spoke to Fstoppers about how he’s been doing since the incident. Grimm also shared his safety tips for photographers shooting around law enforcement. Read the full interview here.

Police car on the street by Jaromír Chalabala on

Source: Fstoppers

3. Gear to get your light game strong

A new LED system promises to solve all your lighting problems: Spekular from Spiffy Gear is made up of four individual LED sections that can be rearranged into different shapes (or disassembled for separate lighting units) to suit your needs. See if it lives up to the hype with DIYPhotography’s test-drive post here.

Source: DIYPhotography

4. Zahra Saleki in the spotlight

Toronto photographer Zahra Saleki is featured on #TheCreatorClass for her project “This Storm is You”. Saleki’s project employs images of dance to share her immigration story. Her mesmerizing use of motion and focus makes her work on 500px equally intriguing.

dance of the light by Zahra Saleki on

Untitled by Zahra Saleki on

Leaving by Zahra Saleki on

IMG_7014-2.jpg by Zahra Saleki on

IMG_0390-2.jpg by Zahra Saleki on

Source: Booooooom

5. Craig Whitehead on a photographer’s greatest asset

Another familiar face popped up on Fujifeed this week: Craig Whitehead, who recently taught a 500px Class on street photography and working with light. One of the insights he shares in the profile is his belief that instinct is more important for photographers than technical knowledge. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Craig Whitehead by Sixstreetunder on

copy by Sixstreetunder on

Craig Whitehead by Sixstreetunder on

Untitled by Sixstreetunder on

Craig Whitehead by Sixstreetunder on

Source: Fujifeed

Highlights from Editor’s Choice

Here’s a look at the photos we’re currently loving, curated by 500px guest editors Blake Pleasant and Marta Syrko.

Sunday Morning with Lia by Jerm Cohen on

Kenya, Samburu warrior (moran) by Dietmar Temps on

Chaenomeles fruits on yellow board by Paulina Dole?ko on

Garbage by Natalia Balanina on

Philippine Auge by Yang Shuo on

Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko,Sunrise by Pongnathee Kluaythong on

Copper by André Bauer on

Protest in Nepal by Skanda Gautam on

State fair by Marshall Berube on