Police mistakes camera for gun, shooting at 20 fps with the new Sony a9, photographer wins awards using public domain pictures… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. Police Mistakes Camera for Gun

Last Monday, photographer Andy Grimm was shot by a police officer who mistook his camera and tripod for a gun. Grimm works for the New Carlisle News office, a small Ohio news organization, and claimed that the officer gave him no warning before shooting. Photographers often face issues with the police, and it’s important to stay informed and vigilant while on the street. Check out this summary of your rights as a photographer on aPhotoEditor.

The Law by Mark Thomas on 500px.com

Source: Resource Mag

2. Have your photos ever been stolen?

The Moscow International Foto Awards recently awarded first prize to a Swiss photographer by the name of Madeleine Josephine Fierz, only to find out after the fact that the images submitted were actually taken by photographer Sasin Tipchai and edited by Madeleine. Fierz, who also won second prize at the Fine Art Photo Awards earlier this year using the same tactic, claimed that she thought she could manipulate the photos that were posted with public domain licenses and claim them as her art. After the true origin of the pictures was discovered, the prizes were revoked and most of her images have been removed from the contest pages.

Cheers !!! by Sasin Tipchai on 500px.com

Source: Design Taxi

3. This New Stadium’s Roof Looks Like a Camera Aperture

After nine years of planning and construction, Atlanta finally debuted their first game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The arena’s modern architecture catches the viewer’s eye and includes an aperture-like roof made out of eight semi-transparent triangular partitions. The architecture firm, HOK, is said to have been inspired by the roof at the Roman Pantheon and how the sunlight goes through it. Check out a time-lapse of the stadium below.

Source: Daily Mail

4. Shooting at 20 fps With the New Sony a9

Sony’s a9 comes with a series of impressive features, one of which is its continuous shooting rate of 20 fps. Amar Ramesh decided to test out this feature by shooting continuously and transforming the images into a video. After about 12,000 shots, he ended up with the video below.

Source: FStoppers

5. Gravity Defying Popsicles: A Still Life Tutorial

Adding some action to your still life shots can make them much more interesting and eye-catching. 500px Brand Ambassador Dina Belenko shows how to create stunning still life shots using popsicles! Read the full tutorial here.

Action Popsicle Collection by Dina Belenko on 500px.com

Source: ISO

Highlights from Editor’s Choice

The photos we’re currently loving, curated by 500px guest editors: Brendan Bannister and Zi Nguyen.

Wreck exploration by Nicolas Thiou on 500px.com

Hong Kong Night by Tone Leung on 500px.com

Nasir al Mulk by Andrew O on 500px.com

Chicago by Humza Deas on 500px.com


August tea by Marina Kuznetcova on 500px.com