Tradition may be a universal concept, but travel photography illuminates how diverse it is in practice.

The subject of tradition provides a glimpse of cultures’ stories, whether it’s an ancient custom or a ritual borne out of folklore.

Discover snapshots of cultural traditions from around the world in our latest gallery, curated by Associate Photo Editor Kristen Dobbin. Travel to Prague, Myanmar, Japan and more through the lens of tradition below.

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l´arena by Antonio Díaz on

Ready To Dance by Tony Cece on

A Turning Life by Nicholas Amorim on

Multi-colored feathers of an Indian national headdress by Sergey Dobrydnev on

Pinimo  by Orlando Calheiros on

Bolantes de Valcarlos I  Spain by Jose Javier Duro on

Carnival by Felipe Larraz on

Dancers resting at Angkor Wat by Sotis G on

eyes, trough you heart by Plamen Andreev on

Pow wow Dancer 5 by Christen Metcalfe on

IMG_4655.jpg by laraheimert on

A kuker in Pirin Mountains by Vladimir Dudakliev on

Beautiful Trisha by Cora DeVos on

Jao Dressed To Dance by Tony Cece on

Portrait of old tattooed woman, Myanmar by Dmytro Gilitukha on

Prague by Eduardo González on

The Next Performance by Sam Ryan on

Bali's Baris Dance - The Way of The Warrior by Thomas Tham on

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