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Nat Geo Travel Photographer Award Winners, a snapshot of North Korea, Google’s AI retouches photos in real time… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Award Winners

National Geographic just announced the winners of its Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 award. The winning images show the world in stunning ways, ranging from Landscapes to People photography. Check out the 500px profiles of Sergio Tapiro Velasco, Norbert Fritz, Andy Yeung and Hiromi Kano, a few of the winning photographers.

Colima Volcano in Mexico, powerful explosion and lightning by Sergio Tapiro Velasco on

Walled City #08 by Andy Yeung on

Source: The Guardian

2. A snapshot of North Korea, in pictures

Despite the difficulties and dangers involved in visiting North Korea as a photographer, a few brave artists face their fears to document the unique and almost surreal scenarios of Pyongyang. Raphael Olivier was one of those photographers, and he is now showcasing his impressive work from his trip. Check out a few of his photos below.

Source: FStoppers

3. Which lens to buy when you’re on a budget

Buying photography gear is a challenge for many photographers living on a budget. Luckily, not all good photography gear is expensive. The Phoblographer has put together a list of good lenses available for affordable prices. Read more on the lists for Nikon or Canon photographers.

Magic by Hotshot Studio on

Source: The Phoblographer

4. New Google Algorithm retouches your photos in real time

A new system developed by Google and MIT engineers allows smartphones to process and retouch photos even before they are taken. The algorithms use machine learning to understand the settings of a set of 5,000 sample images and use that information to tweak your pictures in real time. John Barron, from Google, comments that “This technology has the potential to be very useful for real-time image enhancement on mobile platforms.”

Traveler taking photo by mobile phone by Jaromír Chalabala on

Source: Range Finder

5. Photos of markets around the world

For travel photographers, marketplaces are a full of photo opportunities. 500px Associate Photo Editor Kristen Dobbin curated a gallery of her favorite photos of the most colorful and unique marketplaces around the globe. Check out the full gallery on 500px ISO.

Floating market at the stern of a ship by Liz Harlin on

The lives of the people selling on the streets of by Ha Son on

Source: ISO

6. Enhance your photography skills with the latest 500px classes

Ready to sharpen your photography skills? For the month of August, we will feature a series of new 500px Classes including Understanding Natural Light, Mastering the Art of Composition, Why Images Work, and Photoshop Compositing. Read more about the instructors and the class content on 500px ISO.

Botanic Garden by Uli Staiger on

Fight Club by Ian Plant on

Source: ISO

Highlights from Editor’s Choice

A similar photo I had posted a bit ago. Except this time it's a different angle and captured on... by Natalie Allen on

Linearity by Brennan Schaefer on

Rule breaker by Ionu? Cara? on

???? by ?? on

Sao Tome by Hugo Joel on

Untitled by Y?hei Sawamura on

Portofino by Raceala Elena on