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Each day, we save you the trouble of keeping track of the pile of photo news coming down the pipe by doing it ourselves. Then, once we’ve uncrossed our eyes, we compile the Top 5 stories into a 500px News Roundup that will keep you up to date without eating up hours of your day.

We list out the top stories along with a short summary that hits the high points. If you want to read more, we’ll include our source links at the end of each blurb. If you don’t… well… you don’t have to do anything. Scroll down and get informed!

Top Stories for Friday January 9th, 2015


1. Toshiba Announces the World’s First SDHC Memory Card with NFC

Toshiba broke new ground in the memory card world today when the company announced the first ever NFC-capable memory card. There is no release date yet, but when the card arrives, users will be able to use the “Memory Card Preview” app and an Android phone to preview up to 16 thumbnails from the card, and see how much storage space is left. [Read More at Photography BLOG]

2. Nikon Press Release Leaked, Reveals ‘Advanced Firmware Update’ Program is In The Works

Nikon shooters take note, Nikon Rumors has gotten ahold of a press release scheduled for January 19th that announces a new “I AM Advancing” firmware program. The program will apply to full-frame Nikon owners, letting them download advanced firmware updates and add new functionality to their cameras for up to 3 years. The first six cameras supported will be the D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610 and D600. [Read More at Nikon Rumors]

3. First Day with a Drone Video Goes Viral, Shows Epic Drone Water Save

New drone owner Zwier Spanjer says his first day with a drone “couldn’t have gone better.” We’ll let you be the judge of that. One thing’s for sure: the NFL needs to snag this future hall of fame receiver up… [Read More at FStoppers]

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.49.32 PM

4. B&H Photo Adds ‘King of Budget Lighting’ Yongnuo to Its Store

Yongnuo, well-known as a ‘budget lighting’ company that makes much cheaper alternatives to brand-name lights from people like Canon, is now officially being sold on B&H Photo. This might not seem like a big deal, but it marks a big step forward to the brand and gives thrifty photographers a safe outlet from which to buy the company’s wares. [Read More at SLR Lounge]


5. Nikon Owns Up to D750 Flare Issue, Offers to Fix the Problem for Free

In late December, Nikon said it would “look into” an issue some owners of the new D750 were having with flaring on images taken in certain conditions. Allegedly, the position of the AF sensor was causing problems. Today Nikon finished looking into the issue and decided to inspect and service affected cameras for free. [Read More at DPReview]