Whether you’re shopping for fresh fruit, exotic spices, handmade goods, or just want to catch up on the news, chances are you can find what you’re looking for at your local marketplace. For travel photographers, marketplaces are full of photo opportunities.

Here, 500px Associate Photo Editor Kristen Dobbin shares her favorite photos of the most colorful and unique marketplaces around the globe, from the night markets in Hong Kong to the floating markets of Thailand. Check it out and get inspired to take your own photos!

The Night Markets by Peter Stewart on 500px.com

Row Row Your Boat.... by Vichaya Pop on 500px.com

Liana by Berit Alits on 500px.com

POULTRY DEALER - MOROCCO by Michael Sheridan on 500px.com

The lives of the people selling on the streets of by Ha Son on 500px.com

INVENTORY by armando cuéllar on 500px.com

Spring within. by Nitish Kumar Meena on 500px.com

Cuisine Marrakesh by Daniel Bosma on 500px.com

Train Market by Jijo George(http://jijo-george.pixels.com/) on 500px.com

Under the Bridge by Michael Steverson on 500px.com

Spice up by Olga Osipova on 500px.com

Ducky by Michael Steverson on 500px.com

Wet Market by Jared Lim on 500px.com

Customers and traders of huge Flower Market on old indian street by Vadym Kulykov on 500px.com

Market in Telavi by Jakub Doma?ski on 500px.com

oranges by Marcello Perino on 500px.com

Man with Flowers near the temple Kerala YATRA 2016 by Raimond Klavins Artmif.lv on 500px.com

Floating market at the stern of a ship by Liz Harlin on 500px.com

"Young Entrepreneur" by Yeow Chin Liang (Yeow8) on 500px.com