A few weeks back, we revamped the 500px photo manager, adding the very-much-requested bulk-editing feature that lets you change things like tags, descriptions, titles, and categories for multiple photos at once. It’s faster, more streamlined, and kicks your 500px editing workflow into high gear!

But none of that matters much if you still have to upload One. Photo. At. A. Time… see where this is going?

That’s right! We’ve released a new uploader to go with the streamlined photo manager. There are a few notable new features worth pointing out, but rather than do it in text, we’ll let 500px March Guest Editor and talented Editorial photographer Clay Cook show you in this awesome demo he created for us:

Feature Breakdown

In case you’re not into videos or you just prefer to read your news rather than watch it, here’s what Clay demonstrated above.

The biggest new feature is definitely bulk uploading and editing right inside the new uploader pop-up. Drag & drop or browse & select as many photos as you’d like — do a whole photo shoot if you feel like it — and watch as they all upload at once.


Then, while they’re uploading in the background all sneaky-like, you can go through and edit tags, categories, titles, descriptions, etc. all at once, or by selecting individual photos. By the time you’re ready to post them to your profile, they’re already uploaded and ready to go!

We’ve done the math, and it’s about 128.4 times easier and 352 times faster. That’s science*… can’t argue with it. Try it out for yourself here.


Celebration Promo and Contest!

We’re excited to see what the 500px community does now that you have access to this much smoother and more streamlined photo upload and managing experience, which is why we decided to launch a discount and a contest to celebrate.

From now until April 24th at midnight Eastern Time, we’re taking 15% off Plus and Awesome account upgrades and renewals. Take advantage of unlimited uploads, the ability to create sets, access to personalized portfolios, and more, all at 15% off. Click Here to Upgrade Now

Finally, last but certainly not least, during the promo you have the chance to win a camera backpack generously donate by our friends at Think Tank Photo. Head over to this ISO post to find out all about this contest and how we’re evening the playing field for free users by offering unlimited uploads for a limited time.

*Sneaky Fine Print: Not actually science, totally made up.