Today, 500px makes another exciting and bold move towards a future as the place where personal expression is celebrated, visual creativity is rewarded, and the best photography in the world is shared.

The end of this month will mark 6 years since the birth of 500px. The past half-decade plus has seen this community evolve into a place where over 6 million users have shared over 60 million photos—a place where pros, amateurs, and enthusiasts from around the world connect over their love of photography.

But there is one thing that has remained constant since 500px came into being on October 31st, 2009: our logo.


The 5-infinity symbol has been around as long as 500px itself, but there was no story behind it, no real reason why we picked it, and no part of the 500px culture and vision baked into this representation of our brand.

We’ve spent the last several months designing the next evolution of that logo and addressing all of these points. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal a new logotype and mark, the new evolution of 500px, and a brand identity that can continue to grow and evolve as we do:


The purpose of the logotype and mark are threefold:

1. The logotype clearly communicates the 500px company name

2. Having both a logotype and mark will help us better represent the 500px brand on a variety of platforms, no matter the space constraints.

3. Both the logotype and mark convey the attributes of quality, authenticity, and personal expression that define the 500px community, with the photographer at the center of everything we do.

At the heart of 500px is this community, driven by the visual creativity of millions of photographers of all ages, skill levels, and camera gear preferences who are linked by a willingness to share their best moments of personal expression with the world. We believe our new logo captures this spirit of creativity, and because we take this very seriously, we have updated our Community Guidelines in honor of this moment. You should definitely give them a look.

We’re also launching a Photo Quest to commemorate the new logo: PX stands for Personal Expression. Join us in celebrating this big change and you could win a camera bag filled with fresh 500px SWAG just for participating!

500px wallpaper desktop

This logo change comes after several major updates to the 500px design and user experience, and we’re going to continue to adapt and grow, all with the goal of making 500px an even better home for photography. As we do so, we are constantly using your input, and appreciate those of you who make the time to share your feedback.

You can learn all about how this logo came to be, how long it took, who we worked with, and why we’re so excited about it on this dedicated page. That’s also where you’ll find high-res logo assets in every format you might need for use in the press, and a free wallpaper featuring the new logo so you can show off your 500px affiliation on your desktop, smartphone, and tablet!