One of the more fun optical effects you can play around with as a photographer is the “selective focus” or (less accurately) “tilt-shift” effect.

Done using either a tilt-shift lens (which, by the way, is NOT made specifically for this) or by ‘faking it’ in Photoshop, the photographer can blur the fore and background of a vast scene, making it seem like something massive is in fact a tiny miniature scene.

This works best if you’re looking down on a scene at an angle, and worst when you’re looking straight down or taking a photo from ground-level. The results can vary a lot depending on the angle, subject, and method chosen, but the 25 photos below are all awesome examples of selective focus done right.

Scroll down and enjoy pretending you’re a giant:

Mini Brugge by Andrés Nieto Porras on

Tiny little Ponte Vecchio by Claudio Verga on

Tilt-shift vacations by Hugo Rodrigues on

Letchworth State Park tilt-shift by Zulhilmi Zamri on

The Almighty Arc de triomphe de l

Lvov by Dmitriy  Zhuravlenko on

sandbox by Laurynas Komža on

Moscow lights by Alexander Vlasov on

Porto by Viktorija No on

You can almost touch the bridges by Simon Kormann on

Mini Lumpur by Adonis Stevenson on

Graz by Florian Flerlage on

Miniature cityscape by Attila Buzdor on

Little cabs by Damien Bapst on

Vatican by Chiranjib Ghorai on

Trollstigen by Max  Roudenko on

Under Costruction by Davide Crowley on

Port of Singapore by Lucas Keene on

Mini Bad Gastein by Mikkel Liisborg Hansen on

Ring road by Nunzio Santisi on

Miniature Edinburgh by Anish Kharkar on

Macro World - Warsaw, Poland - Cathedral by Csaba Szilágyi on

November Leaf Clean-Up by Yana Bukharova on

Beacon of Paris by Nishant Kuchekar on

lviv. by Oleksandr Gontar on

Have your own ’tilt-shift’ selective focus shot? Upload it to 500px and drop a link for us in the comments. And if you’ve got tips or tricks for others who want to try this for themselves, share those too!