In the Star Wars saga, Imperial Stormtroopers may not be the smartest tools in the shed, but, man, can these long-legged soldiers really let loose! From dance parties to drag-racing — scroll down to see what Stormtroopers and Clone troopers really do when their boss Darth Vader isn’t looking!

Stormtroopers Binge-watching on Netflix

Stormtroopers Auditioning for Cake Boss

Stormtroopers Going for a midnight swim

Stormtroopers Killing it on the dancefloor

Stormtroopers Egging houses on a school night

Stormtroopers Being all-around doting dads

Stormtroopers Taking selfies like a pro

Stormtroopers Surfing vintage porn

Stormtroopers Celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Every. Single. Day

Stormtroopers Going on epic hikes in Endor

Stormtroopers Riding dirty

…and showing off

Going to the dog park

Stormtroopers Field tripping to the moon

Sound tripping to the Darkside of the Moon

Facetiming with the boss

Stormtroopers Lounging on top of a pile of cheese

Comic-Con photo ops with the fangirls

Getting pampered at the spa

Picking out flowers…just for you

Stormtroopers Making out like there’s no tomorrow

Stormtroopers Rooftopping like whoa

Solving crimes at CSI: Death Star

Having the raddest dance offs

Stormtroopers Pulling pranks on each other

Being a Skatetrooper

Recruiting the younglings of tomorrow

Having cocktails by the pool

Tightrope-walking across Cloud City (We double dare you, Lando!)

Visiting the zoo

Rolling with the punches like champs

Going on field trips to icy Hoth

DIY-ing a cool hack

Office spring cleaning

Doing random acts of kindness

Just rocking out with the guys

Drag racing with super-charged warp drives

Learning how to use the Force…and failing

Seducing the ladies

Going on neat dates

Doing graffiti on the Death Star

Trying out coffee art


On the Death Star, May the 4th is actually Bring Your Kids To Work Day

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