Happy Easter Sunday! Going on an Easter Egg hunt today? Watch out for these crazy eggs. They’re breaking bad! For a good laugh, scroll down to see the most insane, funny, and weird images of eggs that we spotted on 500px — thanks to the creativity of these photographers in our community.

1. Go home, egg. You are drunk.

2. This egg broke free.

3. This egg is getting some action.

4. Can someone put this egg back together again?

5. “When I grow up, I’m going to be just like this…”

Untitled by Paolo Farinella on 500px.com

6. This brave egg shouldn’t really be sunbathing.

7. Sneak peek at the next episode of “The Walking Eggs”…

8. Walking on eggshells.

9. This egg has expired.

10. When an egg outgrows his shell.

Just a shy chick by John Wilhelm is a photoholic on 500px.com

11. Eggs-cavation in progress.

12. We don’t think you’ll find a cerebral cortex in there, Doc.

13. Just a bunch of eggheads!

14. It takes a whole village to raise an egg.

15. The one egg that dared to be different.

16. “THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” – a quote from the movie, 300 Eggs

17. An egg having a breakdown.

18. Did we just stumble upon a human harvesting experiment by an alien race?

19. Our own pipe dream of hatching kittens. Why not.

20. The Eggs-orcist—coming soon to a theater near you.

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