Cover photo: “Lava Kiss” by Dallas Nagata White curated by Benjamin von Wong

Our Editors’ Choice page just got busier—and it’s looking extra awesome these days! That’s because we recently launched a new Editors’ Choice program, where we invite 12 500px photographers to curate and add their favorite photographs to the page.

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“We started Editors’ Choice more than 10 years ago. Initially, that was the only way photos could be seen on 500px,” says 500px co-founder Evgeny Tchebotarev. “Over time, 500px evolved. Now there are many ways to discover photos—algorithms powering Popular, Groups and Discussions, Portfolios, and so on. But still, Editors Choice is a unique opportunity for younger, lesser known artists to get discovered and get a massive exposure.”

For the next few weeks, here are the 12 guest curators and photographers who will be lending their expert eye and running our Editors’ Choice page:
Alisdair Miller
Benjamin von Wong
Chris Burkard
Emily Soto
Kai Ziehl
Kristina Kazarina
Lee Jeffries
Marsel van Oosten
Michael Shainblum
Oleg Oprisco
Philipp Götze
Tristan O’Tierney

“This time, instead of having our editors at 500px pick photos, we let renowned photographers all over the world become curators, and pick their favorites,” explains Evgeny Tchebotarev. “The goal of 500px Editors’ Choice is to always push the field and mastery of photography further—find the gems that defy time and expectations.”

And new gems did we find! We just can’t get enough of the photos that our curators have selected and added to the page. Scroll down to browse just some of them:

Alisdair Miller’s Pick

Twain by Boris Tretyak on

Benjamin von Wong’s Picks

Gljufrabui Waterfall, Iceland by Chris  Burkard on

breathing light.. by Bella Kotak on

Lava Kiss by Dallas Nagata White on

Chris Burkard’s Picks

Atari V6 by Christian Adam on

Valley Of The Cosmos by Michael Shainblum on

MORNING BREATH by Lee Fisher on

Emily Soto’s Picks

Into The Wild by Thanh Tran on

Ophidia by Agnieszka Lorek on

Meg by Scott Morgan on

Kai Ziehl’s Picks

snowing by Sonia P. on

foggy day by Jennifer Vonundzu on

220 V... by Anna Vihastaya on

Kristina Kazarina’s Picks


Cinema by Ilya Rashap on

Fluo by Mojlo  on

Marsel van Oosten’s Picks

African souls: XIV by Manuela Kulpa on

End of Days by Ali Rajabi on

Well of Souls by Karezoid Michal Karcz  on

Michael Shainblum’s Picks

Distant Planet by Sean Bagshaw on


Light Show by Mark Metternich on

Philipp Götze’s Picks

rolling by LdS  on

apocalypse by Uli Staiger on

Backup by Max Rive on

To see more stunning selected images, visit our Editors’ Choice page.