Today, countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, and many other member states in the Commonwealth of Nations are honoring the lives and sacrifcies of those who served in World War I with Remembrance Day. It also coincides with Veterans Day in the United States. The most familiar symbol of this memorial day is the red poppy.

Red Dawn by Russ Barnes on

These poppies have bloomed across the battlefields of World War I—their red shades so intense that they bear a resemblance to the blood spilled during the war. In honor of Remembrance Day, here are some remarkable photos of poppies captured by 500px photographers.

From the blood-red ceramic poppies flooding the Tower of London to sweeping fields bursting with poppies, scroll down and take the time to commemorate history’s fallen soldiers.

Tower of London’s Blood-Red Ceramic Poppies Display:

Remembrance by Andreas Jones on

Seashore of Poppies by Carlos Rego on

The Poppies Come Forth by Ian Johnson on

River of Red by Michael Payne on

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Valerio Berdini on

Walk of Pride by Trevor Street on

Beefeater and the poppies by Raymond van der Hoogt on

Poppies at Tower Of London by Adrian Brockwell on

Ocean of Blood by kathychantler on

Bloodswept Lands by Farlon Rahaman on

The blood shed by Giuseppe Torre on

Centenary by Cat Burton on

Seas of Red by Stuart Miller on

Poppies at Tower of London by Andrea Heribanova on

Tower of London Memorial to World War 1 by Ian Howard on

"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red"... by James Kerwin Photographic on

Poppy field landscapes:

The Illusion Of A Moment by Alessandro Scendoni on

misty morning by  Irca Caplikas on

Campagne Picarde by Julien Loize on


Blooming by Alessio Andreani on

Poppies up close:

Poppy... by Twostar K on

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Audrey Riva on

Treasures of a lone poppy by Christos Kaouranis on

Pretender by Jacek Gadomski on

Mother Earth in Spring by George Papapostolou on

Poppies by Stefan Buga on

Red..sea!!!!!! by George Papapostolou on