If you’ve followed 500px ISO for any amount of time, you’ve seen the work of Sarawut Intarob. His photo Long LOVE made our Top 10 People Photos of 2014, and his images of both the landscapes and people of Southeast Asia are some of the most breathtaking you’ll find on 500px.

In December, Sarawut joined the awesome group of guest curators who were tasked with populating our Editors’ Choice page. And after a month of uncovering the best that 500px has to offer, we sat down with Sarawut and asked him to reveal the four photos that made the most impact on him.

Scroll down to get to know the man behind the Editors’ Choice picks, and find out why he picked the photos he did.

500PX: What makes a photograph ‘great’ in your opinion?

SARAWUT INTAROB: A great picture, in my opinion, is the one that can connect to your viewer’s feeling — a photo that makes them happy, moves them, or even leaves them stunned.

Out of all your own photos, what is your favorite? And can you share the story behind this shot?

SARAWUT: It’s very hard for me to tell which picture is my favorite. However, I’d like to pick this picture from my Vietnam trip:

SARAWUT (continued): The reason I choose this picture is each time we take a picture of rice terrace, it depends on the timing. The rice is very beautiful especially before the period of harvesting; the color of the rice terrace is yellow and green, growing all over the hills and far away.

I had a good time with my friend there as I took some rest and take a breath of fresh air with the smell of the rice. And when I walk along the rice field, I experienced the harvest culture of the Vietnamese. The reasons mentioned above made me feel very happy when I took this photo.

Sarawut Intarob’s Favorite 500px Photos

Now that we’ve gotten to know Sarawut a little bit, let’s find out what his favorite four photos on 500px are and why.

Photograph B-L-I-N-D by Weerapong Chaipuck

In this photo by Mr.Weerapong Chaipuck, I can feel the differences portraying among these people. One group of people are having fun in a bar, whereas the other is blind and begging for food to support his poor life. The picture can show differences in life and express some good ideas in life.

Mama, I wanna go home by Por Pathompat

I choose this picture because of the good combination between landscapes and people. There’s a family of Mong (a tribe of people in Vietnam) walking through a rice field and seeing its plenteous and beauty.

A moment that portrays a story of Mong perfectly goes along with light, so it can enhance the picture’s attractiveness. Fresh, beautiful and happy are the feelings that can be portrayed completely from the picture.

Good Morning Mt. Fuji by Jirat Srisabye

There’s a perfect combination of live, story and landscape. Great contrast of colors between Mt. Fuji’s and the maple. Also love the composition of the fisherman against Fuji.

Mom’s Cintrifuga by Bogdan Boev

I like the moment when the bear is shaking off its wet fur — the feeling of moving can be portrayed out of the picture. Also, the moment when the cub is trying to hide from the water shows its innocence and loveliness, which makes me smile.

Thank you to Sarawut for taking the time to answer our questions and help us make the Editors’ Choice page that much more awesome in December! To follow along as he continues to take and upload awesome photos, head over to his 500px profile or give him a follow on Facebook.