At the end of 2014, we mentioned that 500px ISO would begin covering photo news, but we were going to do it a bit differently. Rather than re-writing the same stories you can find on any number of great photo news blogs, we want to give you a quick, one-stop-shop at the end of each day where you can see the top stories from that day.

From gear announcements to major industry news, we’ll pick the top stories of the day and list them out with a short summary. If you want to dive deeper into the story, great! We’ll include a “Read More” link at the end of each blurb. Scroll down, enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Top Stories for Tuesday January 6th, 2015


1. Nikon Announces the D5500: Its First DSLR with a Touch Screen

Nikon’s first major camera announcement of the year came at CES today when the company unveiled the D5500. The $900, 24MP prosumer DSLR is smaller than its predecessor, the D5300, but manages to pack a touchscreen LCD — a Nikon DSLR first. [Read More]


2. Fuji Releases Much-Anticipated 16-55mm f/2.8 Lens with Super-Quiet AF

Fuji’s new weather-sealed 16-55mm f/2.8 lens is a beast of a standard zoom for X-Series cameras. With a 35mm equivalent focal length of 24-84mm, a constant f/2.8 aperture throughout, and a quiet internal focusing system that can lock on to your subject in just 0.06s, this is one worth drooling over. It’ll cost you $1,200 when it lands in February, but you can pre-order it now at B&H Photo. [Read More]


3. Nikon Reveals the NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR: The World’s Lightest 300mm Full-Frame Lens

From Fuji we circle back to Nikon, who made a second impressive gear announcement today alongside the D5500. Full-frame shooters now have a new 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens to play with (assuming they have $2,000 to drop in February), and it’s officially the lightest 300mm full-frame lens in existence. [Read More]

4. Seagate Releases the World’s Thinnest 500GB Portable Hard Drive Called the Seagate Seven

The Seagate Seven is thin… like SERIOUSLY thin… thinnest in the world thin. Measuring in at just 7mm thick, it’s the thinnest 500GB portable harddrive in the world. You’ll be able to pick the USB 3.0-compatible Seagate Seven starting later this month for $100. [Read More]


5. Hubble Takes 1.5 Billion Pixel Photo of Andromeda Galaxy, the “Largest and Sharpest” Ever

Let’s finish today’s News Roundup with some mind-bending universe photography news. The Hubble Space Telescope recently took the “largest and sharpest image ever taken” of our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Weighing in at 1.5 billion pixels, you would need to use more than 600 HD television screens to display the whole thing. Is your mind blown yet? [Read More]