Photographing texture really well can make a two dimensional photo come to life. For our recent Quest, we asked you to submit photos of all kinds of textures. Soft, hard, silky, bumpy, polished, rippled, dusty, crumbly, fuzzy, glassy—you name it, you took a photo of it.

The winning photographer was Bill Martin with his close-up of a dog’s nose.

Texture by Bill Martin on

Here’s what our judge had to say about the winning photo: “We loved this shot immediately. The extreme close up and beautiful lighting showcases all the details and texture in this cute dog. We are sure he must be sniffing for treats!”

Meet the photographer, Bill Martin: I started having an interest in photography when I was 16 years old. I enjoy wildlife and macro photography. I am still trying to do all work in-camera. I am an “old school” photographer, and am now learning how to use Photoshop to improve images. I am currently working on insect and flower photography.

He told us the story behind the photo: When I saw the required photo content, I immediately thought of my dog’s nose and all the different textures you could view close up. Our dog in the picture is a rescue dog, “Candy,” and I took this picture while playing with her outside one day.”

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