You don’t have to photograph people or landscapes or even animals to get your images selected for Editors’ Choice. In fact, the subject of your EC-worthy image might be right in your backyard… you just have to really LOOK for it.

Some of these 25 gorgeous patterns, shapes, and textures could have been photographed in someone’s backyard… others meant a trip into the desert… and some are just gorgeous abstract images of something we can’t quite identify. We’ll never know, but we don’t have to.

As long as you know what to look for—and maybe follow these 7 tips from landscape photographer Sarah Marino—you could be capturing photos like this in no time! Scroll down for some inspiration.

Coral by Marianna Armata on

Forest Fire by Marc  Adamus on

Tiles at Twilight by Sarah Marino on

Spurge by Mike Moats on

My Own Art by Hamed Musharbak on

Crystals of rain by Silvia Spedicato on

travel deep into ices by Lora Arfeeva on

Slocan Lake Sunset 2 by Ursula Abresch on

Symmetric Chaos (HDR) by Dmitri Sädus on

ICE MINT by Jun-ichi Sekimoto on

Europa by Alex Noriega on

White Pocket Abstract by Justin Reznick on

 Autumn Texture by Alessandro Ferretti on

GESTREIFT by rolleckphotographie on

spoon#8 by Margit Schubert on

Inspiration by David Thompson on

California | Blue Hour At Zabriskie Point by Hardy Höfer on

Mullets migration by Milko Marchetti on

Crawling with Decay by Floris van Breugel on

Bluebell Wood by Phil Bird LRPS CPAGB on

ice by jo stephen on

Blue and Gold by Ron Coscorrosa on


Succulent from the Monaco Arboretum by Travis Ball on

Plumbago auriculata by Photography on

Have your own pattern, texture, or shape photos you’re particularly proud of? Upload to 500px and drop a link in the comments. And if you’ve never checked out the Editors’ Choice section of 500px, go do that right this second!