On Saturday, January 24th, 500px will be doing our first photowalk of 2015 in Toronto, San Francisco AND New York City… all at once! It’s completely free, so just RSVP to the appropriate FB page (TO, SF or NYC) and get ready to explore your city with a top-notch 500px photographer in the lead.

500px‘s first photowalk of 2015 is gonna be an awesome one. Not only are we doing official walks in San Francisco, Toronto AND New York City on the same day, we also managed to snag some incredibly talented 500px photographers to lead them!

New York City has NYC photographer and best-selling author Vivienne Gucwa, San Francisco has adventure and landscape photographer Toby Harriman, so the question remains: who’s going to lead the Toronto photowalk this Saturday the 24th?

The answer: none other than the co-founder of 500px himself, Evgeny Tchebotarev.

You would think it would be easy to snag your own company’s co-founder for a photowalk, but it’s easier said then done when you’re dealing with a jetsetter of Evgeny’s calibur.

From Patagonia, to Russia, to San Francisco, Evgeny spends a lot of time on the road taking incredible pictures that end up on the 500px Instagram, writing gear reviews that end up on ISO, judging international photo competitions, and just in general making everybody in the office jealous with all the amazing places he’s been and things he’s done.

Fortunately we managed to clear his schedule on January 24th, so when you Torontonians meet each other at 500px HQ at Noon, it’ll be Evgeny there to lead you on your freezing quest to capture awesome photos.

Plus, Evgeny (and a gaggle of photo-loving 500px users) isn’t the only reason you should be psyched about this Saturday’s photowalk in Toronto, because we’re also bringing some engineering muscle along.

Since this is a beginner-friendly mobile photowalk open to all levels of photography, we also invited 500px Mobile team members David Charlec and Eric Akaoka along for the ride. Ask them about the app, make suggestions for changes, or take pictures of them using the app they themselves designed… a nice little meta twist.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes… both of them are pretty good behind a camera as well:

Finally, there is one more reason why you should head over to the Facebook Event page and RSVP for the Toronto photowalk right now… PRIZES!

We’re giving some awesome stuff away thanks to our friends at Adorama and Think Tank Photo. If you attend and upload photos from the walk using the 500px mobile app, you’ll have the chance to win a $100 Adorama gift card or one of three different Think Tank Photo bags — either the CityWalker 20, Turnstyle 20, or Retrospective 20.

Each city will have four total prizes to give away to four of the participants, so we’ll say it one last time: join us!

Whether you live in Toronto or are just gonna be visiting the city this coming weekend, enjoy a day of fun, freezing temperatures, and photography with Evgeni, some of the 500px staff, and your fellow photography lovers.